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Horse and Mill pub menu


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Tel: +27 (0)51-753 0406
Cell: +27 (0)72 272 7247

Something Light


Something Light Toasted Plain
Plain or toasted sandwiches
Ham, Cheese & Tomato, with Chips and Salad R 35,00 R 22,00
Chicken Mayonnaise with Chips and Salad R 39,00 R 25,00
Peri Peri Chicken Livers with Homemade Bread R 50,00

Greek Salad
Small R 43,00
Large R 50,00
Smoked Chicken Salad R 60,00

Homemade soup with Homemade Bread
Veg R 40,00
Pea & Bacon R 40,00

Liver in “Netvet” served on a bed of Rice R 40,00
Hamburger with Chips and Salad R 60,00 R 40,00

Homemade Pies, Gravy, Chips & Salad or Veg
Lamb R 60,00 R 40,00
Venison R 55,00 R 35,00
Chicken R 55,00 R 35,00
Spinach & Feta Quiche with Salad Small R 35,00
Different pizzas are available.    


Tea (5 Roses, Rooibos or Earl Grey) R 16,00
Nescafe Instant Coffee R 16,00
Filter Coffee R 20,00
Fruit Juice (Orange, Apple, Breakfast Punch) R 16,00
Tomato Cocktail R 16,00
Cool drinks (330 ml) R 14,00
Ice Tea (Peach, Red Fruits, Lemon) R 16,00
Small R 18,00
Large R 26,00
Milo/Hot Chocolate R 20,00


Bobotie, yellow rice and salads R 85,00
Spinach & Feta Quiche with Salad Large R 65,00
Spanish Chicken (Spicy, fine deboned Chicken) Rice and Salad R 70,00

Lamb Curry, on rice with salads R 90,00
Roast Lamb, Gravy, Rice and Vegetables R 95,00
Lamb Casserole (cooked in red wine sauce) Rice and Vegetables R 100,00
Hake Fillet (fried) Chips, Salad and Tartare Sauce R 80,00

From the Griller


From the Griller
Everything coated with our special basting sauce
Chicken Wings (8) Chips + sauce (barberque or peri peri) R 95,00
Chicken (2 pieces) Chips, Veg or Salad R 75,00
Chicken fillet (250 g) Chips, Veg or Salad R 75,00
Pork Chops (2) Chips, Veg or Salad R 90,00
Rump (300g)  Chips, Veg or Salad R 125,00
Fillet (300g) or T Bone (450g) Chips, Veg or Salad R 145,00
Spareribs , Chips, Veg or Salad (600g) R 125,00

Karoo Lamb Chops (3), Chips, Veg or Salad R 115,00
Karoo Lambs Rib, Chips (400 g) (If available) R 95,00

Sauces: Mushroom, Pepper, Cheese, Garlic, Monkey Gland R 16,00

For the Sweet Tooth

For the Sweet Tooth
Cape Brandy Tart, Cream or Ice Cream R 40,00
Apple Crumble, Cream of Ice Cream R 40,00
Cheesecake (fridge), Cream of Ice Cream R 40,00
Ice Cream & Choc Sauce R 32,00
Irish Coffee (single, made with Whiskey, Kahlua , Amarula) R 32,00
Dom Pedro (single, made with Whiskey, Kahlua, Amarula) R 40,00

Breakfast (By arrangement only)

Breakfast (By arrangement only)
Cereals, Yogurt, Toast, Fruit Juice, eggs, bacon, cheese grillers, Coffee/Tea
Adults R 75,00
Children U/12 R 55,00


White Wines
House Wine Dry White R 65,00

Klapmuts Unbelievable dry White


Graça R 85,00

It is a lively coloured wine, with flashes of green, a touch
Of asparagus on the nose and crisp, lemony, off-dry flavours


Grünberger Freudenlese R 90,00

A very fruity semi-sweet white wine, blended from
Sauvignon Blanc & Gewürztraminer


Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc R 110,00

It is a full-bodied wine that dazzles with its grassy bouquet
While tropical fruit combines with subtle gooseberry on the palate


Durbanville Hills Chardonnay R 110,00

An accessible, easy drinking, lightly wooded wine for everyday drinking


Bellingham Premier Grand Cru R 90,00

Subtle green apple aromas with a crisp bone dry palate and a
Clean racy finish


Wine per glass White (dry or Late Harvest) R 20,00

Corkage Fee R 20,00



House Wine Dry Red R 65,00

Klapmuts Unbelievable Dry Red


Chateau Libertas R 90,00

Medium – bodied dry red noble wine. The grandfather of all wines


Durbanville Hills Cabernet Sauvignon R 130,00

Intense ruby red wine as having fresh very grass on the nose with shades of green olives and very attractive vanilla spices.  On the palate it is compact, with a solid structure still closed with a good tannic backbone.  Robust enough to stand up all richly flavoured dishes and cheeses, it is also a delight on its own.


Fleur de Cap Merlot R 130,00

A dry wine and full of flavor


Nederburg Shiraz R 135,00

An exceptional red wine, soft and full of spicy character.  Well-matured in cask of new French Oak.


Grünberger Roselese R 90,00

A Natural Sweet Rose blended from Sauvignon Blanc
And Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine per glass Red R 25,00

Corkage Fee R 20,00


Other Drinks

Alcoholic Drinks
Hansa, Castle, Black Label R 18,00
Castle Light R 19,00
Castel Light Lime R 19,00
Castel Milk Stout R 19,00
Castle Milk Stout Chocolate R 19,00
Blue Label R 19,00
Amstel/Amstel Light R 20,00
Heineken R 20.00
Windhoek Larger R 19,00
Windhoek Light R 19,00

Castle Draught on tap R 25,00
Windhoek Draught R 25,00
Guinness R 28,00
Millers R 20,00

Savanna (Dry, Light) R 20,00
Hunters (Dry, Gold) R 20,00
Smirnoff Storm R 20,00
Brutal Fruit (Different Flavours) R 19,00
Flying Fish (Different Flavours) R 19,00


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